Secure and Seamless Access to Ronspot

Single Sign On (SSO) access to the Ronspot booking engine.

Michael Furey

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What is single sign on? 

Single sign-on means an employee doesn't have to sign in to every application they use. The employee logs in once and that credential is used for other apps too.

Ronspot is compatible with Azure AD and Google Single Sign On (SSO) providing secure and seamless access. Increase workforce productivity by by-passing any custom registration to login directly using your company email. 

What are the benefits of SSO access to Ronspot?

- Enhanced Security. Safeguard access to Ronspot by enforcing strong authentication and adaptive risk-based access policies.

- Improved Productivity. Provide seamless end-user access with single sign-on.

- Reduced IT Costs. Save time and resources by centralising management.

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