Managing Ronspot Users with Azure AD

A guide on how to manage employee access to the Ronspot App with Azure AD.

Michael Furey

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As a company administrator you may wish to control access to the Ronspot App for your company employees using Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD). This is a very straight forward task. Just take the following steps. This process will work for company owned devices or privately managed devices. To perform these steps the admin must have the required permission levels within Azure.

Step 1: Login to Click on the View button under 'Manage Azure Active Directory' See red arrow below. 

This will bring you to your company overview page. On the left hand side is an option called "Enterprise applications". Click on this.

Depending on the number of Applications available to your organisation, you may be able to find 'Ronspot Parking and Desk Management' in the list. Or use the search box and type in Ronspot. Once located, click on the Ronspot App as it appears in the list. See image below with red outline. 

Note, if the Ronspot App is not available in this list, try to login to the App using the Microsoft Sign In using your email ID. This is force the App to appear in the list below.

From this next page, called the 'Overview Page', select Users and Groups on the left hand side menu. This will bring you to the user page where you can manage who in your organisation has the rights to login to the Ronspot app. 

Here we can see the full list of employees who have been granted permission to access Ronspot via their Azure AD SSO. To add a new employee to the list click on the 'Add user/group' at the top of the list. Highlighted in red below.

Search the name of the employee that needs to be given Ronspot app access and press on the select button.

This employee has now got instant access to the Ronspot app using the Azure AD SSO. They need to download the App and chose the "Sign in with Microsoft' option in the login screen. They will be directed to enter their company email address and password. Depending on how the company has set up multi factor authentication the employee may be asked for further information such as a one time use code. 

This will confirm access and after a few seconds they will be directed to the calendar booking screen of Ronspot. The employee will remain logged in unless they log themselves out. The admin can remove access at any point using the Azure AD control panel.

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