How to Create a Zone

A ‘Zone’ can be your company car park, your first-floor office, or your entire office site in London for example. This zone will be where your spots are located. Follow these steps to create your zone.

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Step 1 - Zone Name & Location

First, enter a name for your zone. This can be used for hot desking to describe the zone location, or the site location for parking. Choose whether this zone will be for parking or desking. Then choose the time zone location for this zone.

Step 2 - Activating Auto Release and Setting Max Booking Days

This step involves setting spots to be ‘Auto-Released’ or not. This means that when an employee no longer needs their booking, they can release the spot. Once they release the spot, it is available to be booked by other employees.

When auto-release is turned on, it means the employee who released the spot can book a spot again immediately.

When auto-release is turned off, it restricts the user from booking a spot for 15 minutes. This feature is used to stop employees from gamifying the system and claiming half credit refunds while they’re still at work.

Once the auto-release is set, you must set the ‘Max Booking Days’ for this zone. This means how many days in advance that an employee can book for. Typically, this is set at a rolling 90 days. Once set, time to move to Step 3.

Step 3 - Setting Free and Random Booking Times

To, employees can be given credits. These credits are used to ensure no employee block books their spot when it is free and are used to maximise occupancy levels.

To maximise occupancy levels, at short notice, where there is availability, Ronspot allows users to book a spot for free, without costing employees a credit. You can set the free booking time in this step. For example, if you selected 18:00 as the free book time – at 18:00 (6pm) the night before, if there are spots available, employees may reserve a spot without costing them a credit.

Alternatively, to remain fair, the free book time can be set at random, so at some point the day before, the spots will be available to book for free. This time changes each day, therefore making it random. Once the free booking time is set, press next.

Step 4 - Credit Refunds

Here you may set the rules around refunding credits to employees who release their spot. Employees can be refunded a half-credit (0.5 credits), or a full credit (1 credit) based on how early they release a spot. 

Using the sliders, you can set how early in advance an employee must release a spot to receive a half-credit refund (the timeframe highlighted in green). Similarly, you may set how early in advance the employee must release their spot to receive a full credit refund (the timeframe highlighted in black). If a user releases the spot too late, they may receive no refund.

You may allow employees to view the bookings made in the ‘Bookings Viewable by Staff’ option. If you want to allow staff to see who has booked for a given day, set this to ‘Yes’. Otherwise, leave this as ‘No’. Press next to continue.

Step 5 - Email Notifications and Spot Booking Limits

Ronspot can send ‘Next Day Email Notifications’ to employees to remind them of their bookings. This encourages them to release the spot if they don’t need it anymore. The ‘No Bookings Before’ option allows the admin to control how far in advance that employees can book a spot. So, if this is set to 10, the employees will only be able to book spots in this zone up to 10 days in advance.

Once you’ve chosen these options, click next.

Step 6 - Reserve Queue & Zone Credit Value

The final step to creating a zone is setting the ‘Reserve Queue’ option and the ‘Zone Credit Value’. The reserve queue is designed to allow some employees to queue for a spot, if the zone is fully booked. These employees will be given a spot automatically should one become available. You may show employees where they are in the queue should you choose to use this option.

The zone credit value refers to how many credits it will cost employees to book a spot in this zone.

Once you’ve chosen these options, press complete. Now you’re zone is setup and active!

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