How to Create a Spot

A ‘Spot’ refers to the facility which the employees will be booking and Ronspot will be managing. A spot can be a parking spot, or a desk space in an office for example.

Cathal Chambers

Last Update 9 months ago

Step 1 - Creating a Spot

To create a spot, first you must choose your zone. With Ronspot Freemium you’ll have the one zone to choose from, so select this zone.

Then enter a spot name or number. This usually reflects the name or number of the spot itself. For example, if you have a numbered carpark, you may name the spot 1A. Or if you have desks in a marketing department, you may wish to name the spot, MK1.

You may choose the size of the spot. This usually only applies to parking space. The options are compact, regular, and large spots.

Finally, press complete.

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