How to Assign a Spot in Zone Layout

To finish creating the spot in Ronspot, you must assign it to a space in zone layout.

Cathal Chambers

Last Update 9 months ago

Step 1 - Zone Layout

First, click the zone layout tab in the side menu.

Once you enter the zone layout menu, you will see a map like this.

This is where you assign the spot you’ve created to the space in the zone. For example, if the zone is for a car park, you will use the car icons to assign the spot.

Just drag and drop the icon into the map below. You can make the map resemble your own car park if you wish. This is usually done in hot desking to make it more visual for employees when booking their desk space.

When you’ve dragged and dropped the car icon, you will be prompted to assign your spot as seen below. 

When this box opens, tick the box to make the spot bookable. This will allow you to assign the created spot. The choose the spot number which you created earlier. The space type for this account is for a car (chosen during creating a zone).

Finally, click save and you have successfully created a bookable spot.

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