Create a Ronspot Company Account

This article explains how to create a Ronspot company account for both Freemium and Premium

Michael Furey

Last Update 9 months ago

To set up a company account on Ronspot, follow these 4 simple steps. The entire process takes less than 1 minute.

Step 1: Navigate to and enter the company name. Click on Next.

Step 2: Enter your city followed by your country. For example, "Chicago, United States". Select your timezone from the drop down. Click Next.

Step 3: Enter your first name and last name. This will be the name of the administrator who will be managing the account. Click Next.

Step 4. Final step. Choose a username to login to the account with. Your email address should be your work email address. Public emails such as will not be accepted. Finally choose a secure password. 

Agree to the Terms & Conditions by checking on the check box. Click on Complete. Thats it! You will receive an email confirmation to confirm you are the owner of the email account. Once confirmed, login at

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